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Oppa, is it true that Korean guys don't like fat girls? I feel insecure about my weight.



You need to understand that everyone’s different. There are tons of guys that won’t care about your weight. I believe that personality plays a bigger role in the end. Honestly, you are beautiful the way you, so don’t worry about impressing others.

You see the gifs below? You’re going to find someone like him one day.imageimage


There is

7810521683 people on the earth and you want to know how many want to get with me ? zero lol

"For the woman who stands alone."

Yohji Yamamoto stating who his clothes are for after his show in Paris, 1981 (via crystallizations)

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モデル:Jimmy and C
カメラマン: アイリ(花鳥風月)


I dunno, just thought this was interesting  :)

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